Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

Centres using RedCap, OpenClinica and other databases often struggle with reporting - i.e. finding data of interest. Many use i2b2, tranSMART or other similar solutions. However, they are an overkill, complex and needs dedicated skilled IT staff to maintain - i.e. the proverbial "white elephant".

KrisDB's strength is its "simplicity" - for both IT support and end users. With inbuilt ETL support for RedCap and OpenClinica, you can easily import data, instantly build complex reports, create dashboards and build cohorts. It supports "multi-tenancy" (i.e. host multiple projects in the same instance) and can be integrated with "multiple data sources" for the same project. E.g. CTMS, biobanking, pathology, consents, etc. Built using latest technologies with 100% REST API enabled, you can also embed KrisDB within your in-house software applications as the reporting engine.

KrisDB can also be used for public catalogs - e.g. specimen catalog. Its generic metadata driven architecture makes it very easy to build, populate and publish catalogs with minimal efforts.

KrisDB is developed by Krishagni, the developers of OpenSpecimen - world's most widely used open source biobanking platform.



Configure the RedCap URL and API key and voila! Create reports and dashboards.


Export a dataset in OpenClinica, configure the folder and ta-dah!

Other Applications

Integrate with any other database via CSV import or REST APIs.


Build complex reports with support for AND, OR, intersection, hierarchical, parenthesis, calculated fields, etc.


Configure beautiful dashboards with many different types of graphs and numeric counters.


Create online catalogs to share data with researchers and stakeholders.

Pivot Table

Generate reports with summary counts.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule reports to be emailed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Tech Stack

Built using latest technologies, mobile friendly and 100% REST API based.

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