What can we help you with?

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How do I schedule an online demo?
Email us at contact@krishagni.com to schedule a demo.
How much does it cost to adopt KrisDB?

You have two options: hosted instance or self-hosted (i.e. on-premise). Please visit pricing page for more details.

Do customers have access to source code?

Yes. The source code is available for our customers to download and we allow them to modify the source to develop bug fixes, customisations or additional features to suits their needs.

What if there is a missing feature that we need?
KrisDB is rapidly improving. You can submit the feature request to us and we will let you know expected release timeline. If you need it urgently or a custom feature, you can fund the development to hasten its development.

Product questions

How to configure RedCap project?
  1. Create a new project in KrisDB
  2. Configure the RedCap URL and the project API key in KrisDB
  3. Click on "Sync Data"
How to configure an OpenClinica project?
  1. Login to OpenClinica and configure a "dataset export".
  2. Create a new project in KrisDB
  3. Configure the OpenClinica shared folder where the dataset export files will be stored.
  4. Click on "Sync Data"
How to integrate KrisDB with our in-house database?
  1. Design forms in KrisDB
  2. Download the CSV template for the forms
  3. Develop ETL to export data from your database in the CSV format and store them in the "import-folder" in the KrisDB server.
  4. That's it! KrisDB will automatically import any files stored in the "import-folder".
Can data from multiple databases be integrated with KrisDB?

Yes. A single KrisDB "project" can contain data from multiple sources. E.g. CTMS, biobanking, pathology, imaging, etc.

Technical questions

What is KrisDB developed in?

Java Spring and Angular JS for User interface.

What is the technology stack?

Latest versions of: Tomcat, Apache (for load balancing / high availability), Oracle, MySQL, any modern browser, Linux or Windows operating system.

What kind of hardware is needed to deploy KrisDB?

Typically you will need 2-3 servers. 

  • Production: 2 servers (one web app server, one database server)
  • QA: 1 server (web app and database on the same server)